Feeding Baltimore’s homeless kids

It’s so sad to hear that 2,700 students in Baltimore City schools are homeless. Watch this WBAL-TV report on a great couple who are helping feed these kids on the weekends with the assistance of the Maryland Food Bank.

If you want to help – donate to the Maryland Food Bank!

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Black lives matter: Ways to be an ally

In the wake of the tragedy in Ferguson, Missouri, where a police officer shot an unarmed black teenager, we want to share this excellent article that shares important ways white people can be outspoken allies for justice and equality. As the article says – black lives matter, and we must all take action:

Let’s talk about an active role for white people in the fight against racism because racism burdens all of us and is destroying our communities. And, quite frankly, because white people have a role in undoing racism because white people created and, for the most part, currently maintain (whether they want to or not) the racist system that benefits white people to the detriment of people of color. My white friends who’ve spoken out harshly against the murder of Michael Brown end with a similar refrain: What can I do that will matter in the fight against racism?

Read: “12 Ways White People Can Help After Ferguson.”

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Volunteer with us at the Maryland Food Bank this Saturday, 7/26

Our folks sorting food at the Maryland Food Bank!

Our folks sorting food at the Maryland Food Bank!

Our July community service project is helping sort donated food at the Maryland Food Bank on Saturday, July 26, from 8:45am til noon.

We love volunteering at the food bank – you can definitely see the difference you make in just a few hours! Every year six:eight volunteers at the Maryland Food Bank at least 4-5 times, helping sort more than 20 to 30,000 pounds of donated food.

So won’t you join us this Saturday? Email Heather to sign up or with any questions.

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This Sunday we switch time and location!

We’re moving again! Starting this Sunday, July 13, our worship service time switches to 5pm and switches locations to the chapel space in St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, at 800 W. 36th Street in Hampden – right on the avenue, hon, on the corner of 36th and Chestnut!

We’re grateful to St. Luke’s for letting us use their chapel space. Please join us there every Sunday at 5pm for the next few months.

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Joint Worship on July 6th at 10am

This Sunday, July 6th, we’ll be combining services with Good Shepherd UMC, the church that has been our host these last few months in the wake of our space being flooded out. Next week, July 13th, we’re trying out a new time and place – St. Luke’s on the Avenue, at the corner of 36th Street and Chestnut, and meeting at 5pm. Come join us on our adventures!

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Thanks for helping us feed our homeless neighbors!

Part of the team assembles sack lunches.

Part of the team assembles sack lunches.

A huge thank you to all the people who donated supplies and helped make sack lunches and health kits and then hand them out to our homeless neighbors along The Fallsway in Baltimore on Sunday, June 22.

Together we put together and distributed 100 lunches and 30 to 40 health kits!

We do this event about once every three months, so stay tuned for the next time.

But for now SAVE THE DATE: Our July community service project is Saturday, July 26, from 8:30am til noon. We’ll be helping sort and box food donations at the Maryland Food Bank.

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Help Us Make Lunch for Our Homeless Neighbors

lunches3This Sunday, June 22, is our next community service project! We’ll once again be making lunches and distributing them to our homeless neighbors staying along The Fallsway in Baltimore.

We need a whole bunch of supplies – please take a look at the list and sign up to bring what you can: http://vols.pt/wiRaaf

We also encourage you to bring health kit supplies – everything from toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, socks, feminine products, etc…

Join us as we assembles and sack lunches and health kits Sunday morning during our usual church time at 10:30am at our current meeting space, the basement of Good Shepherd United Methodist Church at 3800 Roland Avenue in Hampden! After church we’ll then head down to meet in front of Health Care for the Homeless to chat with the leaders of the Homelessness Speakers Bureau who will chat with us about the realities of homelessness in Baltimore as we walk along distributing the lunches and health kits.

And if you’d like to donate some supplies but can’t make it on Sunday, please email Heather and we can arrange a pick-up or drop off.

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Help us Find our New Home

As we continue our search for a new place to worship, we want your help! You may be the one who knows about a great space, and the connections for getting us in there. Just download the form, go through the space, fill out the info, and let us know the results. Who knows? We could end up somewhere great because of you!

Here’s the form in Word format: New Home for six:eight

When you’re done, e-mail it to Amy at pastoramy (at) sixeightucc.org. Thank you!

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Church Services Back at Good Shepherd UM Church on 5/25

A reminder, we’re back to meeting in the basement of Good Shepherd United Methodist Church in Hampden (3800 Roland Avenue) on Sunday, May 25 at 10:30am and all Sundays afterwards until further notice.

See you there!

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Join us for Bingo Night at Keswick Nursing Home on May 21

bingo-cardOur May community service project is helping out with Bingo Night at Keswick Multicare Facility (nursing home) in Hampden. Join us at 6:30pm on Wednesday, May 21, at Keswick (700 W. 40th Street, across from The Rotunda) to help the amazing senior citizens enjoy some super fun bingo.

Every time we go we have a blast, and the seniors at Keswick love having us there. We’ll be done around 8 to 8:15pm.

And if you can’t make it, please consider donating some prizes! We hand out large-print crossword puzzles and word search books, hard candy, cookies, travel size lotions, and more.

RSVP to Heather, or let her know if you want to donate prizes.

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