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Why Church?

A church is a community of people who gather together as part of living out a Christian way of life. But with so many options for spiritual growth and development, why be part of a church?


Spiritual growth takes regular attention and is better with others.

If you’ve tried to get in shape using exercise tapes at home, (Tai-bo, anybody?) you know that going it alone in making a change in your life often means not making that change at all. Gathering with others in person for your spiritual growth means more of a workout as we challenge each other, and it makes it easier to give our new habits the regular attention they need because we have workout buddies.


Love happens face to face

Today social media are bringing a whole new dimension to staying in touch with our friends and family, which is a wonderful and amazing thing! Life online enhances our local, face-to-face community – it doesn’t replace it. We see this in God’s care for us: God became a human being in Jesus because that human connection – in the flesh – is so important.


Social justice takes people power.

From the abolitionists in the 1800s working to fight slavery, to black churches in the Civil Rights movement, to churches today working for the environment or fairer immigration laws, faith and social change have gone hand in hand because making a difference means getting together to get organized.


Here’s one story from a UCC pastor in Illinois about what it means to be part of a church:

The Portable Church

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